ASEAN+ Database

To create high-quality insights, researchers need high-quality inputs, and challenges in efficiency and sustainability of material stocks and flows, liveability, urban planning, and resilience depend on accurate data. The ASEAN+ Database contains statistical data from ASEAN member states, China, and India. It allows users to search and rapidly download data from a variety of sources, and it automatically creates citation references for datasets. In the beta version of the database, datasets come from the following sources:

– Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), Statistics Indonesia
– Singstat, Department of Statistics Singapore
– Myanmar Department of Population and Immigration (population census 2014)
– National Bureau of Statistics of China (2005-2014)
– Census India (2011)
– Asian Development Bank (ADB) (entire database)
– UN-HABITAT (entire database)
– World Bank (World Development Indicators)

An important part of the ASEAN+ Database project is the technology and scalability of aggregating, metatagging, indexing, and making datasets searchable. The universe of data sources could expand in the future to include statistics from a large number of National Statistics Offices, Intergovernmental Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, trade and interest groups, and multinational corporations. A large repository of statistical data may maximise the potential of new approaches to process, visualise, and analyse data – Data Fusion, Big Data, Fast Data, Open Data, Semantic Web.

The video illustrates the process and vision for the ASEAN+ Database.

Download Urbanisation in the ASEAN+ poster and ASEAN+ Urbanisation 20 Charts.



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