Dr Ting CHEN


Trained as an architect, Ting Chen holds a PhD degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the ETH Zurich, received her B.Arch & M.Arch degrees in Tsinghua University, Beijing. As an architect, She has worked on projects of architectural design, urban design, monument preservation as well as neighbourhood revitalization. To pursue a career in academia, she worked as junior researcher for the chair for the history of urban design in ETH Zurich, focusing on the historical study of designed urban elements. In 2011, she joined FCL as a doctoral researcher in the module Urban Design Strategies and Resources, on the project Rochor + A Diverse Neighborhood, as well as her own dissertation work geared towards the urban transformation mechanism of Shenzhen, China's first Special Economic Zone, to explore how the transitional socialist State-Owned Enterprises shaped the city in different ways under a booming semi-market-driven, semi-command economy. Now, she is working as project coordinator  


Ting Chen’s research interests include urban design strategy, post-socialist urban transformation, urban politics,  rural-urban interaction, and rural transformation under a booming semi-market-driven, semi-command economy.

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