Prof Dr Ian SMITH


Ian F.C. Smith received his PhD from Cambridge University, UK in 1982. His research interests are on intersections of computer science with structures and urban systems. Applications include biomimetic structures and other sensed infrastructure in order to study advanced cyber-physical systems.   In 2003, he co-authored the text book Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Engineering (Wiley) and the 2nd Edition has just appeared in 2013. He is the founder (in 1993) and current Chair of the European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering and the current Chair of the Global Center for Excellence in Computing of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).   In 2005, he received the Computing in Civil Engineering Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers and since 2011, he is an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.  


At the Future Cities Laboratory, Ian Smith is focusing on using sensor data to improve the performance of simulations and predictions for asset management.

Exhibitions / Conferences / Events

More than a hundred events over thirty-five years.