Aurel von Richthofen is the Project Coordinator at the Chair of Architecture and Construction at the Future Cities Laboratory Singapore. He leads the Alternative Sand Lab, a research project on alternative construction materials and processes. He also researches on Urban Mining and material stocks and flows. Aurel is an architect trained in Switzerland and the USA. Prior to Singapore, Aurel spent four years teaching and researching as Assistant Professor at the German University of Technology in Oman. He was co-investigator on a research project on sustainable urbanisation patterns in Oman - sponsored by the Research Council Oman. He developed a new urban planning framework addressing social, cultural and climatic needs and served as consultant to urban renewal projects and spatial planning strategies in Oman. Prior to Oman, Aurel was teaching at The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio as visiting lecturer for two years.


The Chair of Architecture and Construction at FCL concentrates its research on alternative construction materials and their application in specific contextual settings, taking into account the local availability of materials, human resource capacities and skills. This approach informs a laboratory to test new ideas and the combination of already existing materials and knowledge. Aurel coordinates and develops the research on Alternative Construction Materials. His expertise in sustainability in extreme climates bridging material, architectural and urban scales serve as a backdrop for his research at the Future Cities Laboratory Singapore.

Exhibitions / Conferences / Events

The E4D Summer School 2016 organised by the Chair in collaboration with ETH Global will be held at TU Delft. More information can be found here. The research on urbanisation patterns in Oman can be found here.